Why Are Mentors So Valuable in Digital Marketing?

A Good Mentor Stands Out For Their Expertise

The value of good mentors and teachers in the fast-changing world of digital marketing cannot be overstated. When you find an excellent colleague, professor or leader who stands out for their knowledge, helpfulness and collaborative approach in all things digital, ensure they become part of your network. You will benefit from their ongoing professional growth over time and be able to incorporate it into your own.

One of the most lasting pieces of digital marketing advice that we ever received came from Tyler Calder, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Digital Marketing Management program several years ago. Covering a regimen of in-depth SEO and digital marketing techniques, the former “top 30 under 30” expert insisted that digital marketing strategists who execute their own strategies get the best results.

The implication of marketing strategists executing their own strategies is that only experts within each sub-field of digital marketing should strategize. The notion of external digital marketing consultants creating elaborate strategies and then walking away was repeatedly discouraged as being less effective than having expertise bubble up from within teams working deep in the weeds. This advice has stayed with us throughout the ensuing years as we worked with multiple teams in different sectors and industries. It emphasizes an inherent value in knowing the intricacies and challenges of specific clients and the digital marketing campaigns that serve them. The accumulated knowledge absorbed by team members who execute tactics is equally as valuable as a bird’s eye view of an expert.

Putting Employees First Can Help Drive Success

Companies with the highest employee morale and business success are often those that put employees first. Salesforce wins through a For All leadership model that seeks employees’ input and involves them in making decisions. According to the Salesforce blog, “not only do these leaders create a great experience for their people, but their teams benefit from much higher productivity, agility, and retention.” Empowering team members to make insightful strategy recommendations can position a company for success.

How SEO Mentors Encourage Effective SEO Strategy

SEO strategy involves the input of advanced SEO experts dedicated to staying on top of today’s search engine landscape, tactical techniques and ongoing Google algorithm updates. A brand can get ahead of the game when helpful and collaborative SEO mentors work with content writers to implement Natural Language Processing (NLP) tactics in their structured content. Top-notch SEO professionals who provide ongoing data and recommendations to a content team are a writer’s best friend. These are some SEO strategy tactics that can help to ensure the steady achievement of business goals:

  •  systematic link-building from high-authority websites
  • SEO recommendations to design teams regarding optimal navigation, website usability and flow
  • provision of data to content teams with keyword concepts to target, and current content that ranks & converts
  • site speed, schema markup, mobile, and voice search optimizations
  • optimization of social channels for categories and keyword concepts that are relevant to targeted audiences


How Content and Digital Marketing Mentors Can Help Content Strategy

Good content strategies integrate the creation of engaging, relevant content with SEO tactics and overarching digital marketing goals. Depending on your industry, the focus of an effective content strategy will blend the interests and habits of your targeted audience with data that identifies the most successful content being served up to them by search engines in the present time.

Digital content strategy must be a two-pronged approach that incorporates SEO data with the art of writing for real people. The voice and tone used to reach IT professionals seeking information on secure coding techniques will be different than writing for a demographic searching online for trustworthy skincare content and reviews, for example. The data behind keyword concepts and topics, however, is researched and analyzed in the same way.

While infographics and video formats are effective components of the best content strategies that reach digital audiences, some of the most talented writer-mentors continue to be strong influencers by demonstrating the power of the written word.

Creative writing, whether on a web page, in a news article or novel, goes deeper because it enables the reader to dream and imagine something within their own thoughts. Decisions are ultimately made based on what has sparked and inspired readers somewhere in the recesses of their minds.

Here are a few essential tips in creating an effective content strategy:

  • study analytics and search data to inform future content
  • utilize tools such as BuzzSumo to identify popular content associated with a brand’s value propositions
  • create quality content over quantity of content
  • incorporate video and infographics formats in your content strategy mix
  • write for people, not search engines



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