The Well-Rounded Digital Content Expert

Digitally-savvy professionals with multiple skill sets and diverse expertise have been around for a long time. Gone are the days of a spear being as effective as a multi-pronged fork in getting things done, yet specialists who know and do a single thing have become increasingly the norm in digital marketing teams. Why?

The answer is that the division of labour has infiltrated our young digital marketing world. Yes, specialized repetitive work often gets done faster than varied work that involves a lot of thought, consultation, and true collaboration. Costs can be reduced and productivity can be increased with specialists who just do one thing.

Digital Marketing is the Sum of its Interdependent Parts

Digital marketing is different. When digital marketing strategies are created to achieve business goals, a whole machine with interdependent parts kicks into gear. Your website design and digital content are created simultaneously with a synergy of user experience and content marketing principles. The keyword concepts that drive paid search campaigns also inform unpaid social media campaigns and organic content campaigns. Analytics that tell us what the users are doing with your web content, campaigns, and posts inform us every step of the way – so that we can change things up, test, change it more, then keep evaluating as we meet your goals.

Knowledge of Many Digital Marketing Tactics Helps Performance

There is more crossover between digital marketing disciplines now than ever before. Many of my former design colleagues at earlier employers are now entrepreneurs and content writers. Other local search optimization specialists have moved into sales and account management. Some writers on teams I’ve worked on are now SEO experts. Other SEO experts have blossomed in operating their independent online businesses. That’s how it should be, with each former area of expertise adding to their current role and their ability to make a valuable contribution. Writers, designers, digital marketers, technical experts, and managers who have knowledge in more than one sphere add to a team’s overall expertise and make it easier to achieve high-performing results.

Welcome to the World of the Well-Rounded SEO & UX Content Expert

I am a Content Manager and Writer with expertise in SEO and digital content, happily employed in the banking industry. I’ve been working in the digital space for several years as a web designer, commissioned digital artist, marketing manager, social media writer, web writer, blogger. and SEO expert.  I believe that divergent voices with a lot of varied experience add value to any digital marketing discussion and bring better results.

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