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Who Needs To Be Involved in Creating Your Brand’s Messages?

In today’s competitive digital marketing landscape where brands fight to be seen and heard in search engine page results, content that wins engages users by answering their questions in an entertaining way, while their strategies respond to data informed by Google’s ongoing algorithm updates. Brands need SEO experts, content strategists and professional writers all working in tandem in consultation with you to expose your brand’s message to the right audiences.

Do You Need Specific Content Tailored to Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel?

Users typically search on different devices and visit multiple pages at different times of the day to research something they’re interested in. They may initially become interested in your offering through a blog or paid ad, then come back several days later to find out more in a how-to video or white paper. As prospects move through each stage of the marketing funnel, they will be attracted to what you offer through interesting topical content at a broad level, then engage with details of your products and services at the middle stage, and finally move into the buying stage as they consider the compelling benefits of your brand over your competitors. Each stage lends itself to different content formats and specific content types. While blogs are effective to let Google know your website is being refreshed with evergreen content, other content works better as a web page within your navigational structure because of its page authority and likelihood of ranking higher in some cases.

Does Being in Digital Marketing For Over 20 Years Affect One’s Overall Expertise?

Our clients think it does. Whether working in digital design, SEO or digital text, the rules of the game have changed dramatically over the last two decades. We adjusted regularly to ongoing changes in Google algorithms from Penguin, Rank Brain and AI, as well as to changes in approach to design and web content. After the first 15 years or so, change brought on by latest technological innovations became as refreshing and ephemeral to us as the changing tides.

Google is continually making the search experience better for its users, and in so doing has eliminated low-quality organic content from creeping to the top of search engine results. To create high-quality content that resonates with audiences, a brand must provide the answers users seek while being mindful of SEO techniques that drive its content choices.

Adapting to Mobile-First Algorithms and Voice-Activated Search in Content

Ever since Google coined content as being “king”, Tapestry Design Inc. has created original content that is engaging, optimized, searchable, simple, targeted, web-friendly, and highly visual as well as concise and current. With the increase in mobile-first design and voice-activated search, our emphasis is now on writing for mobile and using infographics that deliver high-quality traffic.

Recently we worked as part of a team to revamp the City of Toronto’s website at toronto.ca to make its content more searchable and service-oriented. We worked on another website revitalization project at the Canadian Institute for Health Information to make its content better organized, searchable, and finadable for users.  Check out our blogposts for the performing arts and automotive sectors, a white paper comparing software functionalities, an opinion editorial on changing workforce demographics and a backlit art exhibit installation that successfully raised funds for a charity. We love words but we also believe that content encompasses text, design, art, video, infographics, testimonials and more. As we continue to put our clients first, we make a priority of listening to your needs before we conduct research and create strategies for your approval. See other pieces from our past digital content portfolio.

Since 1997, Tapestry Design Inc. has built a trusted reputation for delivering effective web sites, web content, writing services, search engine optimization, blogging, social media, digital marketing strategy consultation and web analytics to small businesses. We conduct competitive research and topical research to ensure your online content will engage prospects at the right time, with the right information, in a format they will easily find.

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